CHUN Eun - Glider
28 May—27 Jun 2020

Chun Eun’s photographs point beyond the phenomenon exposed before our eyes, indicating far beyond the envelope of images, enabling us to explore the a priori/a posteriori connections and imaginations. That is why, the images photographically captured by the artist transcend the ...
LEE BAE - Solo exhibition
16 Apr—23 May 2020

'Charcoal artist' is an obvious description of Lee Bae. His oeuvre is bound to explanations of charcoal in terms of its physical and metaphysical connections. As a result, a recurring - or persistent - question is 'why use charcoal?' To which, Lee has provided many reasons, doze ...
Donghyun Son - Ink on Paper II
12 Mar—11 Apr 2020

First, definitions. Ink on Paper is an English translation of jibonsumuk(紙本水墨), the method and medium by which Donghyun Son's paintings are created. Son's 2015 solo exhibition Ink on Paper presented works created exclusively from paper and traditional East Asian ink(墨-muk), ...